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The 1st Yogyakarta International Media Art Festival held by HONF in 2007. Click here to view the archive


2nd Yogyakarta International Media Art Festival "We Are The Cells" in 2008. click here to view the archives


3rd Yogyakarta International Media Art Festival "Circle Cells" in 2009. click here to view the archives.


4th Yogyakarta International Media Art Festival "Invisible Cells" in 2010. this festival is about to happen from 27th July - 7th August 2010


The 1st Yogyakarta International Media Art Festival held by HONF in 2007. Click here to view the archive

International media artists, scientists, practitioners, lecturers, researchers, communities, and activists:

Yashas Shetty - CEMA [IN], Hans Bernhard - UBERMORGEN.COM [AT | CH | US], David Dronet - Station MIR [FR], Georg Tremmel - BCL [AT | JP], Colette Tron - Alphabetville [FR], Teresa Almeida [PT | SG], Marc Dusseiller [CH], Michiko Tsuda [JP], Malek Lopez [PH], ANOWL [MY], Gerard Couty [DE | FR], Rotraut Pape  [DE | FR], Sebastien Szczyrk [FR], Andreas Schlegel [DE | SG], Allison Leigh Holt [US], Rene T.A. Lysloff [US], Christian Vanderborght [FR], Halfjavanese [AU], Jacques Bigot [FR], NO.E Sakana [US], Selina Shah [UK], Pierre Le Cann [FR], Julien Creuzet [FR], Liu, Pei-Wen [TW | CH], Tobias Hoffmann [DE | CH], Kenneth Feinstein [US], Kenta Torimoto [JP | CN], sister0 [AU], Darina Alster [CZ], Ales Zemene [CZ]

Local media artists, scientists, practitioners, lecturers, researchers, communities, and activists, groups, musicians, DJs, VJs, from all-over Indonesia (Yogyakarta, Jakarta, Surabaya, Medan, Bandung, Pakanbaru, Batam, Bali, Papua, Banyuwangi, Pontianak, Manado, etc.):

Andi Hardiyanto, Donny Aprilianto, Catur Prasetyo, Wahyu Bimo Sukarno, Andes Christiawan, Husen Ahsari, Budi Prakosa, Argha Mahendra, Nur Akbar Arofatullah, Agus Tri Budiarto, Desiree Aditya, Hara Christian Pardede, Eka Jayani Ayuningtyas, VJ NUMBERONE, VJ Manticore, Ferial Afiff, Adriyanto Subroto, Nadya Octaria Hatta, Hamam Firdaus, Sostenes Alfonsos Agaki, Kampret Pondok Kelir, Pitra Hutomo, Arifin Wicaksono, Nindityo Adipurnomo, Karel J. Tampubolon, Denfarino Endo, Sister Morphine, , Prof. Irfan D. Pridjambada, Stella Maris, Theodora Agni, Mirna Adzania, INSADA, Waterplant Community, Dr. Ing Paulus Bawole, Dash, Mystical, Arya, JW 86, Timothy Timmy, Adhari Donora, DJ JEROME, legendary gatotkaca, MC DNA, Electrocore, Rharharha, Serigala Malam, Racun Kota, DJ Rencong, Cangkang Serigala, Seek Six Sick, Armada Racun, Terbujur Kaku, Down For Life, Soda Dosa, Hengky Strawberry, Brilliant at Breakfast, SOAC, Nervous, Cranial Incisored, Hopeless, Anggisluka, 3some From Mars, dr. Triharnoto, dr. Y. Sugiri, Wulan Dirgantoro, Aditya Wishnu Wijaya etc.

Colette Tron [FR]
coletron [at] orange [.] fr
Born in 1968, lives and works in Marseille, France. Studies in communication and language. After having worked in cultural journalism, she is currently working as an author, using different mediums of communication of language (radio, books, theater, audiovisual, multimedia...), and in questioning their function experimenting with creation that is specific to each. She collaborates with artists from different disciplines, in France and elsewhere (Japan, Italy, Morocco, Russia). She has also a critical activity, participates in colloquiums with forms of art-NTIC as their theme, and writes articles in aesthetics of new medias. By founding the association Alphabetville in 2000, she has created a place of reflection around the rapport between language and the media, art and technical devices, technology and culture, and tries to articulate the practice and theory by dialoguing with the artists, researchers and cultural operators involved.
Andreas Schlegel [DE | SG]
Andreas Schlegel born 1975, Stuttgart, Germany, likes to explore, teach, program and make. He currently lives in Singapore and teaches at Lasalle College of the Arts where he coordinates the Medialab in the Faculty of Media Arts. Andreas is a co-founder of the new media art collective syntfarm which works at the intersection of nature, art and technology. Since 2004 Andreas has been actively contributing to the processing.org community for which he writes libraries.
Liu, Pei-Wen (aka PEI) [TW]
Pei has dabbled in a variety of digital domains, but has concentrated on sound design, composition and streaming video art since 1999. Her work has been influenced by neo-dada, freeform jazz as well as avant-garde electronic musicians and minimalist painter/composers. She made music pieces for radio, animation, dance,theatre projects and installations as well organising and performing at experimental electronic music events. One of her radio piece > un canny < received Honorary Mention of Digital Music in Ars Electronic 2007.
Allison Leigh Holt [US]
Allison Holt is an American artist whose work explores, constructs and visualizes contemporary and traditional systems of knowledge, creating forms that expose hybrid realities through the use of video, sculpture, performance and diagrams. Her work emerges out of the rigorous interrogation of existing philosophies and cognitive processes, examining the relationships between reality, identity, cognition and illusion. She completed undergraduate studies at The Evergreen State College (Olympia, WA) and earned her M.F.A. from Massachusetts College of Art (Boston, MA). Holt has presented and exhibited in venues such as the Boston CyberArts Festival, the House Of Natural Fiber (Yogyakarta), Howard Yezerski Gallery (Boston), Institute Seni Indonesia (Surakarta), Upgrade!Boston (Melbourne, Australia), and has held solo shows at Axiom Gallery for New and Experimental Media (Boston) and Cemeti Art House (Yogyakarta) where she is an artist in residence (2010). She has also been a resident artist at the Experimental Television Center (NY) and the Santa Barbara Contemporary Arts Forum (CA). Holt is a researcher/developer for ZooMorph, a project by new media artist Lisa Jevbratt (funded by Creative Capital) and is a 2009-2010 J. William Fulbright Fellow in Central Java, Indonesia.
Michiko Tsuda [JP]
Born in 1980. Lives and works in Kanagawa, Japan. From a young age Tsuda was groomed to be an engineer and she started the arts. These two pull between analog and digital, between art and science inform her interests and processes.
Rene T.A. Lysloff [US]
Lysloff is an active member of the Society for Ethnomusicology (SEM) and, along with Deborah Wong, has served as editor of the SEM Newsletter (1994-1999). He has also served on the SEM Council (1994-96, 2003-04) and was Vice President and President of the Southern California Chapter of SEM (SEMSCC). Lysloff was also Vice President of the International Association for the Study of Popular Music-U.S.A. Chapter.
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