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The 1st Yogyakarta International Media Art Festival held by HONF in 2007. Click here to view the archive


2nd Yogyakarta International Media Art Festival "We Are The Cells" in 2008. click here to view the archives


3rd Yogyakarta International Media Art Festival "Circle Cells" in 2009. click here to view the archives.


4th Yogyakarta International Media Art Festival "Invisible Cells" in 2010. this festival is about to happen from 27th July - 7th August 2010


The 1st Yogyakarta International Media Art Festival held by HONF in 2007. Click here to view the archive

International media artists, scientists, practitioners, lecturers, researchers, communities, and activists:

Yashas Shetty - CEMA [IN], Hans Bernhard - UBERMORGEN.COM [AT | CH | US], David Dronet - Station MIR [FR], Georg Tremmel - BCL [AT | JP], Colette Tron - Alphabetville [FR], Teresa Almeida [PT | SG], Marc Dusseiller [CH], Michiko Tsuda [JP], Malek Lopez [PH], ANOWL [MY], Gerard Couty [DE | FR], Rotraut Pape  [DE | FR], Sebastien Szczyrk [FR], Andreas Schlegel [DE | SG], Allison Leigh Holt [US], Rene T.A. Lysloff [US], Christian Vanderborght [FR], Halfjavanese [AU], Jacques Bigot [FR], NO.E Sakana [US], Selina Shah [UK], Pierre Le Cann [FR], Julien Creuzet [FR], Liu, Pei-Wen [TW | CH], Tobias Hoffmann [DE | CH], Kenneth Feinstein [US], Kenta Torimoto [JP | CN], sister0 [AU], Darina Alster [CZ], Ales Zemene [CZ]

Local media artists, scientists, practitioners, lecturers, researchers, communities, and activists, groups, musicians, DJs, VJs, from all-over Indonesia (Yogyakarta, Jakarta, Surabaya, Medan, Bandung, Pakanbaru, Batam, Bali, Papua, Banyuwangi, Pontianak, Manado, etc.):

Andi Hardiyanto, Donny Aprilianto, Catur Prasetyo, Wahyu Bimo Sukarno, Andes Christiawan, Husen Ahsari, Budi Prakosa, Argha Mahendra, Nur Akbar Arofatullah, Agus Tri Budiarto, Desiree Aditya, Hara Christian Pardede, Eka Jayani Ayuningtyas, VJ NUMBERONE, VJ Manticore, Ferial Afiff, Adriyanto Subroto, Nadya Octaria Hatta, Hamam Firdaus, Sostenes Alfonsos Agaki, Kampret Pondok Kelir, Pitra Hutomo, Arifin Wicaksono, Nindityo Adipurnomo, Karel J. Tampubolon, Denfarino Endo, Sister Morphine, , Prof. Irfan D. Pridjambada, Stella Maris, Theodora Agni, Mirna Adzania, INSADA, Waterplant Community, Dr. Ing Paulus Bawole, Dash, Mystical, Arya, JW 86, Timothy Timmy, Adhari Donora, DJ JEROME, legendary gatotkaca, MC DNA, Electrocore, Rharharha, Serigala Malam, Racun Kota, DJ Rencong, Cangkang Serigala, Seek Six Sick, Armada Racun, Terbujur Kaku, Down For Life, Soda Dosa, Hengky Strawberry, Brilliant at Breakfast, SOAC, Nervous, Cranial Incisored, Hopeless, Anggisluka, 3some From Mars, dr. Triharnoto, dr. Y. Sugiri, Wulan Dirgantoro, Aditya Wishnu Wijaya etc.

Christian Vanderborght [FR]
artist, performer, specialist of digital media aesthetics and art networks.
participation of a lot of international events and exhibitions (centre Pompidou, Ars electronica, Documenta)
member of the group FRIGO/CODEPUBLIC
cofounder of CANALWEB the first european web TV.
author of " NETWAR :a broken link is a dead neuron" editions sens&tonka 2003
Gerard Couty (DE)
I´m a media-artist, since the early eighties I presented multimedia exhibitions, installations, events, videoworks, performances, etc, at a variety of international festivals (Ars Electronica, documenta), museums (Beaubourg) or networks (Infermental, Universcity, Minus Delta T, etc.) I was the head of an alternative cultural space in France, le "Frigo-Radio Bellevue" .
Since 1989, I work on>with divers interactive-systems.
My first profound experience on interactivity was the "Piazza Virtuale"- project by Van Gog TV, for the documenta 9 [1992]. I was the art director and designed all the interactive interfaces for the 100 days of the documenta´s interactive TV programme, presented on 3Sat. Via telephone as a remote-control, the tele-user was able to influence the programme.
After that, I did interactive stage design for a theatre and dance-piece, I conceveid a complex interactive system for the event. By different technical means the stage and the actors/dancers were connected to computer terminals, from where the spectators were able to participate and influence the course of the show.
Since, I developed interactive Midi-system [in collaboration with a programming-artist], with different softwares and sensors. This system, called >Club Automatique<, is an interactive multimedia performance-installation. The audience's movements in the space are analyzed through a sensor system and are retransmitted and interpretated audiovisually in real time.
In a parallel to my artistic work, I´m working on short films, TV-design, TV-graphism, web-design for different TV channels: arte, 3Sat, ZDF or Internet channels (canalweb)...
Club automatique
Club automatique is an interactive multimedia installation.
Club automatique takes place in public spaces such as clubs, galleries or media events. Club automatique is a live-performance based around a cooking-action and a set of artists, musicians, vjs, djs. All connected by the "Club automatique" interface-2 ways system.
The audience's movements in the space are analyzed through a sensor system and are retransmitted and interpretated audiovisually in real time.
Such gestures, such combinations of gestures generates such sounds, which in turn play a part in the filmsequence. The audience's body becomes the remote control of the picture-sound machine.

Experimenting with a corporal alphabet is necessary to activate the digital machine and to create a personnal dialogue with it.
In terms of the pictures, the user plays a virtual keyboard, using a combination of video sequences, animation clips, pictures, signs and texts which he can modify with different effects tools. These effects are synchronized with the musical tempo.
This interface between the human and the machine requires a physical and playfull implication of the user. Therefore, the more the user wants to make the machine react, the more he has to move his own body.

For "invisible cells", Club automatique will be presented by: Gerard Couty [DE | FR], Rotraut Pape  [DE | FR], Christian Vanderborght [FR], David Dronet [FR], Jacques Bigot [FR], Pierre Le Cann [FR] and Julien Creuzet [FR], Adriyanto Subroto [ID], Nadya Octaria Hatta [ID], Bintang Ramadhan [ID], Sostenes Alfonsos Agaki [ID], Kampret Pondok Kelir [ID], Hara Christian Pardede [ID], Pitra Hutomo [ID], HONF [ID]
Tobias Hoffmann (CH)
Media Artist, a Neo-dadaist who likes to bridge objects and codes with Arduino and using network environment as tool to open channel of communication.
Teresa Almeida [PT | SG]
Originally from Portugal, Teresa Almeida is currently based in Singapore, where she is Lecturer in Media Arts, Coordinator of Interactive Art at LASALLE College of the Arts. She holds a Masterʼs Degree from the Interactive Telecommunications Program at New York University and a BA in Theatre Design from the College of Theatre and Film in Lisbon. She was artist-in-residence at Ljudmila-Ljubljana Digital Media Lab and at the Banff New Media Institute. Some of her projects include inflatables, sound reactive garments, and social coping patches. Her work has been showed widely, and it is published in the book Fashionable Technology.
Marc Dusseiller [CH]
marc [at] dusseiller [.] ch
Marc Dusseiller is a transdisciplinary scholar, lecturer for micro- and nanotechnology, cultural facilitator and artist. He works in an integral way to combine science, art and education. He performs DIY-workshops in lo-fi electronics and music, has made various short movies and is currently developing means to perform biological science (hackteria | open source biological art) in a DIY fashion in your kitchen or your atelier. He is also co-organizing Dock18, Room for Mediacultures, and other engagments like the diy* festival, national and international workshops for both artists, schools and children as the president of the Swiss Mechatronic Art Society, SGMK.
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